Never Forget

I worked in the air medical field from 1991 until retiring in 2018. I dedicate this page to the 400+ of my colleagues lost in the line of duty. I believe we must remember the fallen, support the wounded, and vow to do everything reasonably possible to not add to the numbers of either. I wrote the song, “Never Forget,” for the Air Medical Memorial and the Survivor’s Network. The site for the future Air Medical Memorial is southwest of Denver, Colorado. Although the song was written in remembrance of my air medical colleagues, I pray it will find some use for others who have lost loved ones or otherwise been victimized by preventable tragedy. The recording is a collaboration with my good friend, Billy Pilgrim.

Never Forget Never Forget Lyrics  

To purchase the music for this song, go to this link:

Pictures from the Memorial Lights at AMTC 2013, by Mark Mennie, Photographer ( The following pictures are from an event I was honored to participate in on Virginia Beach in October of 2013 at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC). Mark Mennie, photographer extraordinaire and my friend, had a vision for groupings of tea lights on the beach — one for each person lost in an air medical accident. God provided a clear night and a moon just past full, rising over the ocean. My friends Tom Judge, violin, and Craig Yale, guitar and flute, and I provided music, including the song Never Forget. The event was a surreal experience of living art, and a testament to the creative mind of Mark Mennie. Check out Mark’s work at  Memorial Lights1 Memorial Lights2 Memorial Lights3 Memorial Lights4 Memorial Lights5 Memorial LIghts6

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