2 thoughts on “Podcast of Paulianity

  1. Hi Greg, I appreciate your perspectives, and the seeking of knowledge, wisdom & understanding as a lifelong journey. It seems like a path that few follow, including church people. It sort of came to me that you are more or less in full time ministry now. Jesus said, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. (Matthew 10:8) I don’t relate to this as going around performing amazing miracles at every turn. When we look after & help someone along through to recovery of a physical issue, isn’t it ‘healing the sick’? When you encourage someone back from the brink of suicide, isn’t that ‘raising the dead’? Maybe helping someone up a step or two that most people wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, isn’t it like cleansing a leper? Helping someone who is mentally or ‘demonically’ tormented to some peace of mind, isn’t that ‘casting out demons’? In God’s eyes, you may be doing more good now than ever before. And the many moving, inspired songs…I’ll try to record another one before Christmas. I’m in a better place than ever before (which is saying very little) as far as having the time & resources to record. All for now. Godspeed. Gwen 💖


  2. Hi Greg,Well said.  This summer I read John Dominic Crossan’s HOW TO READ THE BIBLE AND STILL BE A CHRISTIAN.  All of it was so right on, and so helpful to me when I read about the “anti-Pauline” Scriptures, written by those more associated with Rome than Christ.  They take the loving things that Paul said, and say just the opposite, causing confusion for sure.  I highly recommend the book. Blessings and thank you for sharing your thoughts!Krist


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